Your Stuff Is Special to MEARS Online Auctions

As a collector for 40+ years now, company President/CEO Troy R. Kinunen’s “stuff” is special to him, just as your stuff is important to you. Because of our mutual love for sports history and a shared passion for collecting, we have found cards, autographs, and memorabilia in a bevy of places. Scouring trade publications in the early days, old fashion leg work by attending shows and flea markets, Ebay, Online Auctions, and good ole fashion trading helped us build our collections.

At first, our stuff could be neatly fit into a single box. As time passed then a shelf, then a closet, corner of basement, entire basement, and even the spare bedroom if we could convince our wives to let us. While accumulating our treasures, we loved each and every purchase and couldn’t wait to introduce the newcomer to his previously collected “friends”.

With the passing of time, changing and developing tastes & interests, some of us have to make the decision to sell. Some times, we sell extras and duplicates, lesser items due to an upgrade, or because we are re-focusing our collections. Sometimes, it is time for the entire collect to go.

At MEARS Auctions, we understand what it took for you to build your collection. I understand because I am the same as you, a lifelong collector. At MEARS Auctions, we will work with you to sell your single items, portions of your collection, or the entire thing. While doing so, we will keep in mind the time and love you put into the collection, and do our best to pass along your beloved items to the next guy starting the similar journey.

The circle of collecting continues.

At MEARS Auctions, we have built up a congregation of loyal, educated, and passionate collectors. When we launch the auction on Friday night at 8:00 PM CST, hundreds of bids are placed within minutes of our launch, a continued testament to the excitement our sales create.

During the past decade, we have established ourselves as a leader in the market, consistently bringing strong market prices, and often setting new industry records.

Known for memorabilia and game worn items, due to our 10+ year history and trusted reputation, regardless of the category, MEARS Auctions can compete with anyone to obtain record prices.  

MEARS Auctions will get you top prices, and often, World RECORD pricing. For our next auction, we are actively seeking:

  • Collections
  • Single Items
  • Autographs
  • Pennants
  • Graded Cards (high & mid grade)
  • Non Sport Cards
  • Unopened Cases and boxes
  • Card collection of all types
  • Game Used Bats
  • Game Worn Jerseys
  • Theme Collections
  • Advertising
  • Display Items
  • Nodders/Statues
  • Toys & Comics
  • Wrestling Memorabilia

If you took the time to love your items, we will love to have them in an upcoming auction. Please contact Troy R. Kinunen at or call (414)-828-9990 for a free consultation.