1954-56 Warren Spahn Milwaukee Braves “The Wind Up” Frank Stanfield Autographed Original 16x20 Hand Developed Photo (JSA) “Signed During His Final Milwaukee Appearance”

Starting his career as a photographer in 1927 with the Milwaukee Sentinel newspaper, Frank Stanfield worked in Milwaukee for over 40 years. During his award winning career, he worked for the Milwaukee Brewers / Borchert Field (AAA), Green Bay Packers at Milwaukee State Fair, and the early Milwaukee Braves at County Stadium. His work appeared on card sets, programs, and yearbooks. He won the 1961 Life Magazine “Best Sports Picture” for one of his Milwaukee Braves entries.

MEARS company president purchased a very rare, exclusive collection of Frank Stanfield’s personal 4”x6” oversized acetate negatives direct from the family estate. Using the same printing methods used for nearly a century, each print was painstakingly hand developed from Stanfield’s original negative. The results are simply amazing.

The color, contrast, and clarity are unrivaled amongst period images. Quite simply the finest image of the player ever produced! Anybody that has seen this print in person can only marvel at the clarity of the hand developed image. With a masterful eye, Spahnie is posed in spring training. The sun was perfectly placed, illuminating the great lefty, while casting only the slightest shadow at his black leather cleats. Both arms are straight back, with the camera lens creating the image of a contortionist. The famous left hand of Spahn grips the Spalding baseball, while the right hand is protected by his trusty Rawlings glove.

Not handsome in the traditional sense, the large nose of Spahn protrudes from his face, while his eyes lock in on the target. Even in spring training, Spahn maintains the perfection of his motion which is maintained by the concentrated look on his face. His trusted Milwaukee Braves cap with embroidered “M” rests on his head. Wearing road grays, “BRAVES” and portions of the tomahawk can be seen. A truly remarkable image.

During the inaugural Milwaukee Braves Historical Society Dinner (2001), MEARS conducted a private autograph signing with Mr. Spahn. A very limited number of these prints were signed, personally witnessed by MEARS President Troy R. Kinunen. “I met Warren Spahn in his private room at the Milwaukee Athletic Club” MEARS president Troy R. Kinunen recalled. “He was visibly sick, frail, simply put, he was dying. When he greeted me for the signing, he warmly invited me to his suite. He asked me to sit, to have a bite to eat with him. He was happy to have company this evening. He marveled at the quality of the images, and was familiar with Frank Stanfield the photographer. To the best of his ability and to what his remaining strength would allow, he signed the photos and baseballs I had brought for the private signing. After about 2 hours, he completed the signing. Packing my stuff to leave, he asked me to stay. I sensed he did not want to be alone. Well into the evening he recalled events of his time with the Milwaukee Braves, told me stories of traveling the United States, and was so proud to recount his time in the Army and while fighting at the “Battle of the Bulge” during WW2. According to Spahn, his service during the Great War was what meant the most to him. Being an American was first, being a baseball player was second. I left with a new appreciation for this Milwaukee treasure.” recalled Kinunen.

A simple, aged version of his “Warren Spahn” autograph was signed in near mint blue sharpie marker. Great care was taken during the signing; with new blue sharpie markers being rotated after just a few autographs were signed, insuring only the highest quality signatures appeared on this remarkable print.

Only a few select individuals can own this 16x20 original image taken from the Frank Stanfield Archives, personally signed by Warren Spahn. A rare opportunity to obtain an authentic autograph of a member of the famous 1957 Milwaukee Braves World Champion team. JSA hologram applied to lower left corner.

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1954-56 Warren Spahn Milwaukee Braves “The Wind Up” Frank Stanfield Autographed Original 16x20 Hand Developed Photo (JSA) “Signed During His Final Milwaukee Appearance”