1944-45 Tom Cannon 1st Lieutenant U.S. Army Uniform Fought At Battle of Bulge

This lot is the 1944-45 Over Coat Owned & Worn by 1st Lieutenant Tom Cannon, who served bravely and fought at the Battle of the Bulge. The details of this jacket have been lost to time as to whether or not he wore this during the battle, but we do know it was his and he brought him home with him from Europe after the war. It remained in his collection until the 1970s where it was sold to a collector. 

This is the basic style jacket introduced to the army in 1939 after being revised from previous example. Coat is olive drab in collar, double breasted, and manufactured from wool. This style had the convertible roll collar with notched lapels. All soldiers that found in cold conditions were issued an overcoat. The 1939 example found action pleats in the back, more squaring to the shoulders, straight front opening, long bottom split up the back and two slash pockets. This is the 1942 modification, as it has plastic buttons to replace the brass, which were in short supply due to a metal shortage. 

Tagged Inside Lining: David Rosenthal. Conf. W-669, qm, 13054. Dated Aug. 28, 1941, Stock No. 55-0-9000, 42R, Spec. No. 8, 51B, Dated 3/11/40, Phila. QM Depot. An original 271st patch is theatre sewn on the left sleeve. Jacket is complete with belt. Jacket is in excellent condition with no visible damage or problems. 

Mr. Tom Cannon served in the infantry and was promoted to captain at the time of his departure. After the war, Mr. Cannon received a BA and later graduated from the Harvard School of Business. Great jacket that can be documented as being the personal property of a soldier that served at the Battle of the Bulge. LOA Troy R. Kinunen / MEARS


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1944-45 Tom Cannon 1st Lieutenant U.S. Army Uniform Fought At Battle of Bulge