1954-56 Eddie Mathews Milwaukee Braves “Concentrating On The Hot Corner” Frank Stanfield Autographed Original 16x20 Hand Developed Photograph (JSA)

This image is one of the finest representations of Eddie Mathews and arguably tied for first as one of the finest from the Frank Stanfield Archives. In my opinion, “Patient Autograph Hunter” is its equal with respects to quality and subject matter. Due to the clarity of this masterful image, it appears that you could prop this image in your back yard, hit grounders, and watch Mathews snag every one! Simply stunning and an image reserved for the most advanced Mathews/Milwaukee Braves collector.

Starting his career as a photographer in 1927 with the Milwaukee Sentinel newspaper, Frank Stanfield worked in Milwaukee for over 40 years. During his award winning career, he worked for the Milwaukee Brewers / Borchert Field (AAA), Green Bay Packers at Milwaukee State Fair, and the early Milwaukee Braves at County Stadium. His work appeared on card sets, programs, and yearbooks. He won the 1961 Life Magazine “Best Sports Picture” for one of his Milwaukee Braves entries.

MEARS company president purchased a very rare, exclusive collection of Frank Stanfield’s personal 4”x6” oversized acetate negatives direct from the family estate. Using the same printing methods used for nearly a century, each print was painstakingly hand developed from Stanfield’s original negative. The results are simply amazing.

The color, contrast, and clarity are unrivaled amongst period images. Quite simply one of the finest images of the player ever produced! Anybody that has seen this print in person can only marvel at the clarity of the hand developed image.

A master of focus and lighting, the bent at the waist third base fielding Mathews is perfectly centered; which brings full attention to his image in the foreground. The planked outfield wall of the Brandenton, FL spring training facility serves as a divider, masterfully separating the heavens from the earth. Only slight wisps of clouds float in the distance, adding to the heavenly portrayal of Edwin Lee Mathews.

With perfect contract, balance, color, and position of subject, the young, handsome Eddie looks like a matinee type idol in this image. His Braves cap, with white “M” proudly displayed, sits pulled down slightly above his eyes. By happenstance, the original Boston Braves carry over style sleeve patch is clearly displayed for all to see. This logo would soon change in 1957 when the team switched to the Bill Duren inspired Laughing Indian logo.

Just as all infielders are taught, Mathews is pictured in this image with planted feet, bent knees, butt low, and two hands on the ball. The details of the worn canvas third base were perfectly captured by the camera’s lens. Finally, if you have the inclination, you can count the blades of grass surrounding the bag.

On April 30th, 2000, MEARS conducted a private autograph signing with Eddie Mathews in Milwaukee, WI. A very limited number of these prints were signed, personally witnessed by MEARS President Troy R. Kinunen.

A very bold “Eddie Mathews” mint sharpie signature floats above the players back and appears almost as writing in the sky. Each signature is quite strong and signed in mint blue sharpie marker. Great care was taken during the signing; with new blue sharpie markers being rotated after just a few signatures were signed, insuring only the highest quality signatures appeared on this remarkable print. One of the finest images from the Frank Stanfield oversized 16x20 Archives, and one of the best Eddie Mathews signed images extant. A must for any advanced Milwaukee Braves fan. JSA hologram applied to lower left corner.

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1954-56 Eddie Mathews Milwaukee Braves “Concentrating On The Hot Corner” Frank Stanfield Autographed Original 16x20 Hand Developed Photograph (JSA)