1954-56 Eddie Mathews Milwaukee Braves Young Autograph Hunter Signed 16x20 Photo

As an autograph dealer, I have personally viewed 100’s if not 1,000’s of Eddie Mathews autographs. In my lifetime, Eddie Mathew’s autographs will never be rare. He was a willing signer that signed for over 50 years. BUT, if you want that one image that stands out, sets you apart from all your friends, and makes you the envy of Eddie Mathews and Milwaukee Braves fans, than this is THE IMAGE FOR YOU.

This image is one of the finest representations of Eddie Mathews and arguably tied for first as one of the finest from the Frank Stanfield Archives. “Concentrating On The Hot Corner” is its equal. As far as a classic American baseball image, this one has it all.

Starting his career as a photographer in 1927 with the Milwaukee Sentinel newspaper, Frank Stanfield worked in Milwaukee for over 40 years. During his award winning career, he worked for the Milwaukee Brewers / Borchert Field (AAA), Green Bay Packers at Milwaukee State Fair, and the early Milwaukee Braves at County Stadium. His work appeared on card sets, programs, and yearbooks. He won the 1961 Life Magazine “Best Sports Picture” for one of his Milwaukee Braves entries.

MEARS company president purchased a very rare, exclusive collection of Frank Stanfield’s personal 4”x6” oversized acetate negatives direct from the family estate. Using the same printing methods used for nearly a century, each print was painstakingly hand developed from Stanfield’s original negative. The results are simply amazing.

The color, contrast, and clarity are unrivaled amongst period images. Quite simply one of the finest images of the player ever produced! Anybody that has seen this print in person can only marvel at the clarity of the hand developed image.

Summer, Fans, Autograph Hunters, Equipment (Lots of Bats), and Eddie Mathews of the Milwaukee Braves, this image has it all. After archiving this portion of the Frank Stanfield Collection, it became clear why he was an award winning photographer. With his masterful eye, he arranged his subject in a manner that brought complete and total focus to the player, and used the background as a perfectly balance decorative border, further complimenting the shot. Again, with a near perfect 50/50 split view of the background, the upper portion consists of the wooden, slotted dugout. The structure provides shade to the elderly man, dressed in a sports coat and official team cap. The wooden slots are spaced evenly apart, allowing light to pass through, and highlight the left side of Mathews.

The bottom 50% shows the sun baked infield dirt, with dried, assumed browning grass. The surviving blades of grass are mashed and trampled, and serves as bedding for the teams collection of 10 bats. The one in Mathew’s hands is turned so the markings are unreadable to the viewer. Of the 10 on the ground, 9 are Louisville Sluggers, with a lone Bob Thomson Adirondack model. The photographers lens allows you to pick up on these details.

Mathews kneels on one knee, waiting in the makeshift on deck circle. His Milwaukee Braves cap with white embroidered “M” shields his eyes from the Florida sun, casting a light shadow on the handsome face of the young slugger. Almost like he was asked to pose, Eddie Mathew’s body is perfectly positioned, revealing the features of his flannel Milwaukee Braves jersey. The two color piping, zipper front, script “BRAVES” team name, tomahawk, and Boston Braves style Indian on the sleeve allow collectors a perfect view the team’s unique style. Another shadow, almost ghost like, emanates to the right of Mathews, and the spirit himself holds a bat, mimicking Eddie.

Just like all masterpieces are given a title, “Patient Autograph Hunter” named itself. In the background, separated from their heroes by an open steel pipe gate and chain link fence, are a group of 7 fans. Judging by their ages, the group appears to span 3 generations, and talks to the attraction of major league baseball. Although currently occupied and looking away, a young boy, about 12 years old is dressed in a button down collared shirt, denim jeans, and white shoes. He is holding a brand new baseball in his left hand and a vintage ink fountain pen in his right. Very similar to any readers of this lot, he is an autograph collector. With a little patience, Eddie Mathews will reward his efforts.

On April 30th, 2000, MEARS conducted a private autograph signing with Eddie Mathews in Milwaukee, WI. A very limited number of these prints were signed, personally witnessed by MEARS President Troy R. Kinunen.

A very bold “Eddie Mathews” mint sharpie signature is signed in the infield area. Each signature is quite strong and signed in mint blue sharpie marker. Great care was taken during the signing; with new blue sharpie markers being rotated after just a few signatures were signed, insuring only the highest quality signatures appeared on this remarkable print. One of the finest images from the Frank Stanfield oversized 16x20 Archives, and arguably the best Eddie Mathews signed images extant. A must for any advanced Milwaukee Braves fan. JSA Basic Cert will attend to verify the authenticity of the signature.

Price: $250.00 Or
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1954-56 Eddie Mathews Milwaukee Braves Young Autograph Hunter Signed 16x20 Photo