1915 circa Pima Indian Squaw Making Baskets postcard

Offered is an 1915 Pima Indian Squaw making baskets. This postcard comes from the White Border Era (1915-1930) . More postcards were printed in the USA during this period, when folks had a few pennies to spare on hobbies and more of them were able to travel than ever before. There was a sense of awe in the beauty of America, from the national parks to the skyscrapers being erected in even small towns. There was significant interest in technological wonders such as airplanes and streamlined trains, passenger ships and automobiles. The white border came about as a method to save ink. During this period poor quality cards abounded, caused by the high cost of labor, cut-throat competition and inexperience with the printing processes. Note that the back of the card is similar to the earlier divided backs. Issued by C.T. PHOTOCHROM and is unused with no creasing, but has edge wear.

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1915 circa Pima Indian Squaw Making Baskets postcard