1943 WW2 Army Mitten Insert w/ Trigger Finger (NOS)

Offered is one pair of absolutely stone mint, unused 1943 WW2 Mitten Inserts w/ Tripper Finger. Fresh from the Gloversville Knitting Company original inventory. These unused mittens were taken home by a female worker shortly after the war ended.

Gloves are knitted of brown wool. Each pair are attached by the original string and hang tag that reads, "Made in the USA, Size M, 100% wool, Gloversville Knitting Co.".

When originally discovered the bundle of 10 gloves were sandwiched between two original factory placement cards that read "10 PRS Mittens Insert, Trigger Finger, TYPE 1, Size = Medium, Stock No. 73-m-2740, Tent. Spec. P.Q.D., No. 156D, W669 Q.M., 29130-5-14-43. Gloversville Knitting Co., Philadelphia, Q.M. Depot, line for inspector's signature".

A copy of bundle packaging is included with each pair. LOA Troy R. Kinunen / MEARS 

Price: $75.00 Or
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1943 WW2 Army Mitten Insert w/ Trigger Finger (NOS)