1942-45 “Fury” Near Mint Rawlings M38 WW2 M5A11 Light Tank Helmet w/ Tag

Starring Brad Pitt, the movie “Fury” depicts a WW2 tank crew stationed in Nazi Germany during the closing days of the war. The movie is bringing renewed attention to tank warfare and the equipment employed during battle. Offered for this lot is an original, near mint, unused, M38 tank helmet. This rare example was supplied by Rawlings with the original hang tag still present. The tag reads, “1 Helmet Ord. Dwg. No. C76072 Rev. 2127 For Tank, Light, T9E1 Item Code No. 6-9-01-02044 Manufacturer's Part No. Marmon-Herrington Company, Inc. Indianapolis, Indiana”.

The M38 "Helmet, Tank" was developed in 1938 meeting the following criteria: 1) fits inside an M-1 helmet when shrapnel protection is needed; 2) equipped with microphone and earphones, with connecting jacks; 3) protected the crewman's head from hits on the steel interior. It first saw service in early 1942.

This exceptionally high grade helmet was discovered in 1995 after fifty years in storage. It was housed in a remote and forgotten warehouse in India. The History Preservation Company purchased the entire lot of tank helmets. They have sold out to hungry collectors of WW2 memorabilia.

MEARS Auctions purchased the last 8 helmets that were available. The owner of the History Preservation Company assured MEARS Auctions company president Troy R. Kinunen that this was the last of the inventory for sale, with 2 examples being kept by the owners for their own personal collection.


This exact style M38 helmet was worn by crews of the Armored Fighting Vehicles and Tanks. The shell is manufactured from compressed cardboard composite and the liner was leather. The design offered no ballistic protection, but was desired to protect the wearer from injuries caused within the vehicle.

Earphones would be worn in conjunction with the ear flaps housed on the sides of the helmet. An elastic band was sewn inside the diameter of the helmet, insuring a snug fit for the crewman.

The helmet remains in exceptional, unused, unworn, near mint condition. The interior tan leather is supple, and the factory black in printing,

“Rawlings 7 1/8 76072 Patent No's 130.678 2.282.830”

Near mint as issued from the factory.

Only a very small handful of helmets from the original find had the original hang tag.

One of the finest examples saved from the original find, and one of the last remaining examples on the market. LOA from Troy R. Kinunen / MEARS Auctions (70X0040)

Price: $15,000.00 Or
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1942-45 “Fury” Near Mint Rawlings M38 WW2 M5A11 Light Tank Helmet w/ Tag